Languages in this system will fall into two basic categories, spoken languages and tech languages.

Spoken Languages

Common – English

The most common of the Common languages, English is spoken by almost all people across the world, the international language of business and trade has made this the mainstay among the population

Common Bastillian

The language of love, Spoken in Bastille, you will often find your Femme Fatale talking in the soothing tones of one of the most beautiful languages around.

Common Constantine

Spoken in the middle regions of the world, Constantinople and Pharos, this language can be both soft and deep or harsh and gravely. Much like the sands from where it spawns.

Common Oriental

The Orient to the east is an ancient language defined by it’s playful characters and the wisdom of those who speak it. As beautiful written down as it is from those who can speak it.


A long dead language spoken by those who come before, said to be handed down from the gods themselves.

Deep Speech

Pity those who hear the sounds of the long dead. Even more to those who understand.


Not a language often spoken in public, the language of those who don’t want to be understood, often specifically tailored to those who are intended to already know what is being said.


Robotic Basic

Used in almost all basic software systems, little security is used and is babies first steps in to the world of the cyber. used in most day to day robots, public use security cameras, low tech defense, household computers. When hacked is usually limited to one or two options that the hacker can choose from. Ie shutdown a turret or change it’s targeting data.

Operational Interface

Used for larger hardware like manufacturing plants or operating systems. This code isn’t as complex but as such can leave room for a more secure security system, Rarely used but if hacked can mean that you can almost re-write something to your exact specification unlike Basic.

International Intranet Protocall (IIP)

This is your standard for any more important systems. This is something that would be used by businesses, banks and your higher end machines. Also the standard language for the Intranet.

Secure Socket Slayer (SSS)

High end, used by governments, Military and International Financial systems. You might only try to hack this programming language once or twice in your life. But if you can get around it’s tight firewalls and AI anti-hacking bouncers you can be set for life with the information you can sell on the black market.


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